MANA Products has established an education assistance program for employees and employees’ children who plan to continue their education in college. Awards are offered for study at an accredited U.S. institution of the student’s choice. Each scholarship is worth $6,000 for full-time studies or $3,000 for part-time studies. These scholarships may be applied to undergraduate or graduate work. 

This program is administered by Scholarship Management Services, a division of Scholarship America. Scholarship Management Services is the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship and tuition assistance and reimbursement programs for corporations, foundations, associations and individuals. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or national origin.


“I am writing to thank you for the generous scholarship awarded to me. I was extremely appreciative and overwhelmed with emotion to learn I was selected as a recipient of the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship. By awarding me this scholarship, you have lightened a tremendous financial burden not only on myself but on my family as well, allowing me to focus solely on my academics. I only hope that one day I would be able to contribute to others success as you have with me. Thank you once again.”
- Gisel Rodriguez, daughter of Ocadia Rodriguez (current employee)

“I cannot imagine being successful in college without the help of PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship. I am currently a sophomore in SUNY New Paltz and the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship has been helping on the road to success for two years now. Thanks to this wonderful scholarship, I was able to buy my school supplies, textbooks and pay off my loans. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to not only attend school but be prepared for it as well. What I love about this award is that it motivates me to keep my grades up. The scholarship is not only given to anyone, it is given to determined and hardworking students that are focusing on a bright future. Without this award, I would have some difficulties going away to college such as finding a way to buy my textbooks and supplies. The PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship showed me that I have the ability to be a successful college student even if I am not financially prepared for it. It also gave me the chance to work towards my future and further my education and for that I am eternally grateful.”
- Laura Mejia, daughter of Marleny De La Cruz (current employee)

“I want to say how much I appreciate the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship that I received. It provided a lot of help towards my college education. Since I want to pursue architecture, this scholarship will help in going towards that path. Thank you!”
- Naidya Rupan, daughter of Dhanushdharie Rupan (current employee)

“I would like to thank you for the amazing opportunity your company has provided me to further my education at Marshall University. I sincerely appreciate that you and the scholarship committee believe that not only will I be successful in my studies but also help share my dreams by encouraging others to strive for success. This scholarship has helped give me the opportunity to be a student-athlete where I can also be involved in a nearby hospital as I pursue my career in the field of medicine towards my goal of becoming a Pediatrician. Again, thanks so much for your generous award.”
- Denisha West, daughter of Eric West (current employee) 

“My name is Naomi Paul and I am a proud recipient of the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship. This scholarship program has helped me over the years to focus more on my studies, relieving the stresses of money. And I am pleased to say I will be graduating this year! gratification has closed in and it's all thanks to this scholarship. Thank you Niko, and the Mana family for all the love and support over the years.”
- Naomi Paul, daughter of Seneque Paul (current employee)

“Receiving the Pip Mouyiaris Scholarship instills confidence in my academic abilities. It shows that Mana Products has support for me and wants me to succeed in my academic career. Plus, it also helps to take off some of the burden of the monetary pressures at school, allowing me to concentrate more on my school pursuits. I am very grateful to receive this award.”
- Stephanie Weinstock, daughter of Larry Weinstock (current employee)

“Not many people have the opportunity to attend college, let alone to have a part of the cost covered. I appreciate the comfort that the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship brings me as I can fully focus on my studies knowing that part of the cost will be covered. Everyone has their own reason to why they attend college, my reason is to not take for granted the sacrifices that my parents have made for me. I take pride in the fact that they are hard laborers who work countless hours in order to provide for me and my siblings. I cannot imagine the stress they must go through, but despite that, they have stood by me always telling me to do better. This is why I am thankful to Mana for employing my mother, I am thankful for being awarded this scholarship and I am thankful for having such awesome parents who believe in me. Not everyone has both their parents and I am lucky to have them cheering me on, in my path to success.”
- Edwin Quintuna, son of Maria Pina (current employee)

“The PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship provided my brother & I with needed funds during my time as a graduate student and his as an undergrad. We are grateful for the program, as it did take some financial burden off my parents. Additionally, such as in this case, scholarships teach philanthropy-- at some point in our future careers, we would like to give back to others as this program has done for me and continue to do for my brother. In several months I will begin residency as a doctor; my brother will be completing his degree in accounting next year. We thank Mr. Nikos Mouyiaris for his generosity.”
- Amelia Pawaroo & Ryan Pawaroo, daughter and son of Jimmy Pawaroo (current employee)

“The PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship is an amazing legacy of a great man. Founder and CEO Nikos created an excellent way to commemorate the life of his dear brother. The PIP Mouyiaris scholarship allows me and a lot of grateful Mana employee families to finance school. In doing so, we are able to gain knowledge, gain real world experiences, and become contributing citizens in society. Much like PIP, the scholarship enables us to be people who leave this world a better place than they left it. Thank you PIP and Mana Products for leaving a lasting impression on my life.”
- Katelynne Bazile, daughter of Jean Bazile (current employee)

“I am very honored to have received the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship. I appreciate that the scholarship recognizes my academic achievements thus far in my studies. The generosity of Mr. Mouyiaris and MANA is abundant and I am very grateful. I would encourage all eligible students to apply because this is a wonderful opportunity to be recognized for academic success!”
- Alexa Nicolaou, daughter of Nicolas Nicolaou (current employee)

“I have been working at Mana Products for more than 10 years. The PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship has been an inspiration for me to pursue my degree. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity Mana has given me, which I will use to further my education and ultimately my profession.”
- Miguel Corvalan, current employee

“This scholarship has opened up my doors to wonderful opportunities that have been taken advantage of. I am currently the CEO of a subdivision of a non-profit designed to spreading activism around the world, I am a member of the Florida International University College Democrats, and soon I will become the president a founder of a great Fraternity. Along with all these accomplishments, I am soon to start working in the Florida State Senate for a candidate for state senate. This has all been accomplished in the small time window of a month. This testifies to my will to thrive and my want for success. Thanks to the MANA scholarship I am able to accomplish this and more is stored away for the future. Lastly, I want to thank the company which has allowed my mother to provide my brother and I everything we ever needed in the world. Without MANA my future educational ventures wouldn't have been possible. My mother has been with the company for over a decade and her hard work has reaped its rewards.”
- William Bravo, son of Karina Chavez de Bravo (current employee) 

“I am really grateful that I am a recipient of the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship. I am writing to thank you for your generous financial support towards my higher education. By awarding me the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship, I am able to concentrate on what is important for my education. Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer in accomplishing my dreams. I would like to thank you again.”
- Jose Delaguarda, son of Rosa Delaguarda (current employee)

“About a month ago, I embarked on my freshman year in the Gabelli School of Business
at Fordham University. It has been so exciting to push myself in new ways intellectually as well as to connect with new people, both students and teachers alike! I am so grateful to be a recipient of the Pip Mouyiaris Scholarship because it not only allows me to achieve my goals academically at Fordham, but the financial assistance also enables me to continue pursuing my dreams in dance. I am able to continue taking dance classes almost every day of the week as well as prepare for upcoming auditions! The Pip Mouyiaris Scholarship plays a critical role in the achievement of all of my dreams.”
- Susan (Alex) Gallagher, daughter of Brenda Gallagher (current employee)

“God bless you! I want to thank you for appreciating my achievements as a high school student and reward me for it. I hope always to meet the requirements of the scholarship because it is a great help to get it. Have a nice day! and God bless you always!!”
- Genesis Leguisamon, daughter of Ana Henriques de Vasquez (current employee)

“I am so grateful to be one of the recipients of the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship. Thank you for your generosity and financial support which has allowed me to focus more on the most important aspects of school, my education and career. I am currently a freshmen planning to graduate in the spring of 2020 with my masters and then after attend graduate school. I am currently a nursing major who plans to pursue a career as a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Thank you again for your generosity and support which has allowed me to be one step closer to my goals.”
- Katina Ramdeen, daughter of Indrawattie Seemadray (current employee)