“My name is Naomi Paul and I am a proud recipient of the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship. This scholarship program has helped me over the years to focus more on my studies, relieving the stresses of money. And I am pleased to say I will be graduating this year! gratification has closed in and it's all thanks to this scholarship. Thank you Niko, and the Mana family for all the love and support over the years.”
- Naomi Paul, daughter of Seneque Paul (current employee)

“Receiving the Pip Mouyiaris Scholarship instills confidence in my academic abilities. It shows that Mana Products has support for me and wants me to succeed in my academic career. Plus, it also helps to take off some of the burden of the monetary pressures at school, allowing me to concentrate more on my school pursuits. I am very grateful to receive this award.”
- Stephanie Weinstock, daughter of Larry Weinstock (current employee)

“Not many people have the opportunity to attend college, let alone to have a part of the cost covered. I appreciate the comfort that the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship brings me as I can fully focus on my studies knowing that part of the cost will be covered. Everyone has their own reason to why they attend college, my reason is to not take for granted the sacrifices that my parents have made for me. I take pride in the fact that they are hard laborers who work countless hours in order to provide for me and my siblings. I cannot imagine the stress they must go through, but despite that, they have stood by me always telling me to do better. This is why I am thankful to Mana for employing my mother, I am thankful for being awarded this scholarship and I am thankful for having such awesome parents who believe in me. Not everyone has both their parents and I am lucky to have them cheering me on, in my path to success.”
- Edwin Quintuna, son of Maria Pina (current employee)

“The PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship provided my brother & I with needed funds during my time as a graduate student and his as an undergrad. We are grateful for the program, as it did take some financial burden off my parents. Additionally, such as in this case, scholarships teach philanthropy-- at some point in our future careers, we would like to give back to others as this program has done for me and continue to do for my brother. In several months I will begin residency as a doctor; my brother will be completing his degree in accounting next year. We thank Mr. Nikos Mouyiaris for his generosity.”
- Amelia Pawaroo & Ryan Pawaroo, daughter and son of Jimmy Pawaroo (current employee)