“The PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship is an amazing legacy of a great man. Founder and CEO Nikos created an excellent way to commemorate the life of his dear brother. The PIP Mouyiaris scholarship allows me and a lot of grateful Mana employee families to finance school. In doing so, we are able to gain knowledge, gain real world experiences, and become contributing citizens in society. Much like PIP, the scholarship enables us to be people who leave this world a better place than they left it. Thank you PIP and Mana Products for leaving a lasting impression on my life.”
- Katelynne Bazile, daughter of Jean Bazile (current employee)

“I am very honored to have received the PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship. I appreciate that the scholarship recognizes my academic achievements thus far in my studies. The generosity of Mr. Mouyiaris and MANA is abundant and I am very grateful. I would encourage all eligible students to apply because this is a wonderful opportunity to be recognized for academic success!”
- Alexa Nicolaou, daughter of Nicolas Nicolaou (current employee)

“I have been working at Mana Products for more than 10 years. The PIP Mouyiaris Scholarship has been an inspiration for me to pursue my degree. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity Mana has given me, which I will use to further my education and ultimately my profession.”
- Miguel Corvalan, current employee

“This scholarship has opened up my doors to wonderful opportunities that have been taken advantage of. I am currently the CEO of a subdivision of a non-profit designed to spreading activism around the world, I am a member of the Florida International University College Democrats, and soon I will become the president a founder of a great Fraternity. Along with all these accomplishments, I am soon to start working in the Florida State Senate for a candidate for state senate. This has all been accomplished in the small time window of a month. This testifies to my will to thrive and my want for success. Thanks to the MANA scholarship I am able to accomplish this and more is stored away for the future. Lastly, I want to thank the company which has allowed my mother to provide my brother and I everything we ever needed in the world. Without MANA my future educational ventures wouldn't have been possible. My mother has been with the company for over a decade and her hard work has reaped its rewards.”
- William Bravo, son of Karina Chavez de Bravo (current employee)